2 Days in KL

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hi Pals! How's life?

Well, I’ve been traveling to Kuala Lumpur for 2 days about 2 weeks ago.
I thought that was such an interesting trip. 
So, I'm looking forward to posting a new article about it. And finally, here it is!

Actually, I already bought a round trip ticket for a flight from Nanjing to Malaysia and one way ticket from Malaysia to Indonesia 3 months ago. I bought these tickets, because I want to go home during the summer holiday and also want to go back to Nanjing for the next semester. My flight from Kuala Lumpur to Nanjing was on September 10th. And 3 days before the flight, I bought the ticket from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur using Malaysia Airline. That was my first time to use that airline. So, overall, it's interesting for me. I thought, the ticket is not too cheap but also not too expensive. But, with that price I got good services. Great!

Finally, I arrived at KLIA at 4 pm. Then, I tried to find some way on how to reach the city but I can't think of a way. So, I got stuck for awhile in the airport. However, in the morning before departure I've already booked a room in a small guest house in Bukit Bintang from Traveloka. So, finally I decided to get on a bus to KL Central. I thought, this is the cheapest way, because it was only 10 RM. I was so happy, because there was free wifi access inside the bus, which helped me so much as the trip lasted for 1,5 hours. It was my first time traveling to KL, and I didn't know the places here. The Internet and the locals helped me so much for this. To their advice, I used the monorail to go to Bukit Bintang from KL Central. It was a little bit hard for me to find the Guest House that I’ve booked. I thought, it was so easy to find, because the place is in a strategic area, as it is very close to Bukit bintang monorail station. The map told me that the Guest House was beside KFC, but I couldn't find the place. Poor me, the KFC was in renovation. So there was no sign or something that could tell me where the place is. Finally, I found the guest house and I was super tired! Hahaha. My body was dripping with sweat. Because I had been walking around for 30 minutes with a backpack and a big luggage. So much interesting!

Here was the Guest House! Travelogue Guest House. My first impression of this place was clean and tidy. Yeah! Although the price is rather cheap, for only 30 RM a night, and it's placed in the middle of the city. Well, it was so easy to go everywhere, to find anything, and to see everything. I liked the night there so much, because there were so many people on the road. Well, when I entered my room, I know that the room has been filled by two people, and I was the third one. But, there was no one inside. So, I just took a shower  and have a rest for a while. Suddenly, two men came into the room. I was super excited! Then, we all talked with each other. I have 2 new friends there, one from New Zealand and the other is from Indonesia as well. Chris and Yonathan! They are super friendly, I'm lucky for having them there. I was more excited when I knew that they can also speak Chinese. Because Chris just finished his Chinese course in Taiwan for some years and Yonathan is from a Chinese bloodline. Then, we chatted with some Chinese in our small room. So much interesting, yeah!

At that night, I requested to join them for having dinner. And, I got a new friend again, because they had an appointment to meet two other people that traveled too. Actually, they are a Couch Surfer. I met Noah and Danny. Danny is Malaysian and Noah is Korean-Virginian (as I remembered). They are all travelers, they have gone to many countries. And as I said before, they made this appointment by using Couch Surfing App. You have to try this app! I just know that there is an application that works for travelers to find their travelmates. Its cool tho! Well, I learned a lot from them.

We were walking around the city until midnight. Danny told us about all interesting sights in the city. The crowded and famous food court in Alor Street, the gleaming night at the club and a bar in the long road side, the crowds watching the night performer on the sidewalk, and the restaurant that many foreigners from around the world gather together and chatting with each other.

On the next day, We went out with Danny and Noah. They had been waiting for us near the Guest House. Danny took us to a food market in ICC Pudu with his car. There were a lot of breakfast, lunch and brunch dishes. We got Nasi Lemak and some other Malaysian snacks and pies! So much delicious! After that, Danny took us to another place. Still hunting for foods! Yeah, we tried a lot of local foods. Well, we got Cendol Ice in one of the recommended stall by Danny. I thought, the Indonesian's one was more delicious XD

After that, we split up. And we had to say good bye for our last meeting. Danny and Noah went back home (because Noah stayed at Danny's house, exactly Danny was Noah's couch surfing host), and Yonathan had to accompany Chris to went back to the Guest House to get his luggage. Because Chris had a flight to return to his country at 5 pm. While I have to go to KL-Central to meet my family at twin tower.

He is my mother's cousin's son. Hahaha. Well, actually, I never met him before, but I knew him before from my family. So, actually I didn't know how he looks like. It's a little bit hard for me to find him. But finally, we met. He is a great person!

Then I returned to the Guest House by using GO KL from KLCC to Bukit Bintang. You know that, this bus is free for everyone that wants to travel around the city. Go KL connects users to various places around Kuala Lumpur, such as main office blocks, shopping centers, public transportation hubs, education institutes and tourist attractions. 

Well, It was raining, and I got wet. I found out that Chris had left our room. And I found Yonathan in the upstairs. He was busy with his phone, which is playing a mobile game. I got a message from my junior. Yeah, the freshman of my university in China, and they are from Indonesia as well. They just arrived in Kuala Lumpur. So, tomorrow we decided to go to the airport together. Because we had the same ticket and the same flight. But they stayed in a hotel in KL Central. So, they said that they wanted to go to Bukit Bintang that night. So, I waited for them there. I asked Yonathan to accompany us, because he knows Bukit Bintang so much. We wanted to eat the famous, halal and delicious Hainan Rice there. And Yon knows that place. Nasi Hainan Chee Meng. Well, we found them at the gate of the Pavilion Mall after Yon and I had dinner at Food Republic Food Court inside.

We spent the night by sightseeing around the city. We went to Alor Street again, ate the delicious Hainan Rice, and then crossed by the crowds in the bar area, and finally we sent them to the MRT station to go back to KL Central. Then we also went back to the Guest House. 

At that night, I had to sleep earlier because I had to check out at 4 am and went to the airport earlier. You know that's not exactly easy, because we had 2 new roommates at that time. The first one came when we were out, and went out when we came. So, we didn't see him yet until midnight and we didn't know where he is from and who was he. And the other one just came into the room, when I was about to close my eyes to sleep. He is from Japan. It's a little bit hard to say his name but he is kind. It's nice to meet him even though for a short time. And the problem was, I couldn't woke up easily in early morning. So I had to turn on the alarm with high volume. But I was worried that I will disturb my roommates. But, Yonathan said “yaudah, dari pada lu gak kebangun!” Well, thanks for the advice. Haha.

Finally, I got up at 4 am and was preparing to leave. I saw that the new roommates were still sleeping. So, I tried to not make any noise. But I found that Yonathan woke up. Ah, okay then we said our goodbyes. Thank you for helping me a lot there, Yon!
By the way, he is a kind man from Semarang. And he is a doctor. Good luck for your career bro!

When I left the Guest House, I forgot that the MRT station was not opened yet at 4 am. I tried to use Grab. But I realized that I didn't have any internet connection. Did I have to go back to the Guest House? Nope, it was already far away. That was what I thought. So I just stopped the taxi from the sidewalk. And it was 35 RM from Bukit Bintang to KL Central. Eewww, I knew that this was not the usual price. Then, I stopped at the front of my junior's hotel. They were ready to go and were waiting for me. After that, we walked to the bus station to buy a ticket to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

We arrived in Nanjing at 9 pm. And in the afternoon we arrived in Hongkong for transit. Actually, we had 5 hours transit there. But, my juniors didn't want to go out and just wanted to stay at the airport. So, it's okay, I will be there with them. By the way, we used Catay Dragon Air. It was my second time to use this airline. And I thought that this is the best airline that I have ever used. It's a little bit expensive, but I got the promo flight tho XD

Well, these 2 days were so much fun. Although I didn't have a lot of time to travel with Yonathan, Noah and Danny who still travels in KL on the next day. Now, its time for me to face the new semester. Fight! See you on my next trip!

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