Real Holiday in Pare English Village, Kediri

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hello everyone! How's life?
Me? Great and excellent!

Well, thx for visiting this post. This is my second post with english. By the way, sorry for bad. because i'm nobody, lemme write something new with this way. jajajajajja.

Guys, i wanna tell you about my last experience. Its about my holiday. Actually, its not just a holiday, but also about how i learn english more. Because i spend my holiday in Pare. Yesss, English Village.
I took 2 weeks program there. It started on february 10th. I got 4 programs everyday, and also 3 programs in camp or we can say dormitory. I went there with my collegemates by train from monday market station. wkwkwkkwk. It was a long trip, 12 hours. You know? it was so boreeeedddddd. But actually i like this trip, because i like to travel.

I took Mr. Bob English Club there. I dunno why? but i guess, Mr. Bob has a good name in Pare. Mr. Bob taught us about how to speak english fluently, and how to be confident.. Finally, i got it. I dont took grammer class, because i dont like that. maybe one day. so, i just want to speak. I wanna speak fluently. So, i took camp program that forced me to speak english everytime. Honestly, after i took this program, my english speaking is better than before. Ya, sometimes i can speaking without thinking. I can speak easily at that time. ya, i got progress on my speaking. so, that was my purpose. Beside that, sometimes i also can writing without thingking like speaking without thinking. Thats why, there are so many mistakes in this post, right? hahahha. So, just let it.. please dont mock me. I will fix them after i finish to write this. But please, forgive me if its still bad. Hahahha.

some of my programs..

How about my life in pare? yaa.. it was fucking awesome. Making friends with people from the other place is real holiday. It was not only about knowladge but also experiences and friendship. We are like a family. I stayed in camp 4, people said that jungle camp. Because it placed in the small jungle. hahhaha. The first thing that i always remember was a mosquitos. Aaarrgg there was so many mosquitos. But it was cool man.

Lucky me to find them here. And every day is Powder.

They are my new best friend there. Brother Cham, Hery, and Basid.
2 weeks there, I got many experiences, knowladge, new friend, and also friendship.. they are my new best friend there. They are fucking crazy man and also fucking kind man. Thanks for helping me there bradaaaaa. Thanks for took care me when i get fever last week. Yaaa. i got a fever on 3 days, guys. Well, they help me so much. They gave me a thick blanket, bought me some food, and something that i need. Thank you so much, dude. Well.. We also went to some place on weekend, like a Surowono temple and Surowono cave in Pare, Bromo Mountain, Teletubies Hill, Whispered Sand in Malang, and also sunrise view on Bromo. That was a great experince. We went there by bicycle, by car,by jeep, with the other camp also. Yaa, with Mr. Bob family. Nice to meet you all, thanks for helping me, and thanks for the experiences.. Seee you on the toppppp!

We are Mr. Bob Family

I think, thats all about my real holiday. Its 11.54 PM, and i'm so sleepy.
thanks for visiting this post and read it until this word.

byeeee.. see you on the next post!

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8 talks

  1. wah pare.
    kapan2 juga pengen liburan ke sana..

    mampir dimari juga ya gan..

  2. Actually your writing is good enough, you know
    It's even great

    Ah, I tried that method too.
    But in different case. I joined a debate contest for a week, where anyone speak english almost everytime. and day by day, I can feel that my english is become much much better. more fluently.

    looks like u got so much fun time there
    Kampung Inggris sounds interesting. I think I must try visiting it someday coz I never have such a cool experience like that

    Good luck bro!
    Keep it up :)

    1. hehehhe. thanks aul.
      woow.. thats great experience. because i never joined debate contest like you.

      well, you know aul. actually.. you are such an inspiration for me. i always enjoy your english post. because, i think its cool. honestly, i also learn more from there.. i wanna write english like you. so, i try to write english post like this. i hope, i can write easily one day.

      yaaa. i suggest.. you must try! trust me it works. wkwkwkkwkwk.
      aamiin.. thanks dude.

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  4. I agree with the tip of not trying too hard to imitate the way of speaking. Aside from it's annoying, I think it will just blow their chances. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. I totally agree with you, we must love ourselves first.